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poetix.0.4 – atmospherics

As part of its spring Poetix Series, the Bureau introduces the theme of atmospherics. On March 22nd we will begin this thematic focus with readings by Katie Stewart and Marina Peterson. We will then have open discussion and take ten minutes to write our own pieces on atmospherics. This will be followed on April 12th with a workshop wherein we invite Bureau participants to share their own work on this theme, using the writing generated on March 22nd.

poetix 0.4a – atmospherics
1:30pm on Monday, March 22.2021

All are welcome to join this event featuring readings by Katie Stewart and Marina Peterson, followed by open discussion. The papers will be pre-circulated in advance but read live on Monday, March 22nd. These readings serve as a prompt for discussion and for a writing exercise in which participants try their hand at emitting, evoking, conveying, and describing atmospheres through prose, poetry, or other media.

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poetix 0.4b – atmospherics
1:30pm on Monday, April 19. 2021

In this workshop, participants bring one hundred words or an image as the ‘price of admission.’ The theme, taken from Katie Stewart’s writing on the atmospherics of risk and Marina Peterson’s Atmospheric Noise, invites participants to explore atmospherics through writing or image making. Writing length is strict so that we can get through everything. During this meeting, participants will share and discuss their work. Attendees are also encouraged to turn this short writing into a pamphlet/zine object using skills gleaned from the Poetix bookmaking workshop.

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