We will begin 2021 with a 4-part series coordinated by Brent Crosson and Megan Gette: “POETIX” — where poetry meets the ethnographic. The Bureau for Experimental Ethnography — comprised of poets, ethnographers, sound artists, ethnomusicologists, filmmakers and things in-between, adjacent to, or curious about — will discuss whether an anthropology without anthropologists is possible. A spread-out “I.” A dissolving or overly-porous or scattered subject. A slippage of objects and their collective nouns. A series of speculative slow-Zooms. A convergence of scientific wonders and non-scientific happenings within the machine of ethnographic apparatuses. Less hand-wringing. Some hand-holding, virtually. No finger snapping.

January 25, Brent Crosson and Megan Gette, “X’s and I’s: Ethnography Without a Subject”

Gette, GROUNDING — desire, rhythms, stress, explicability

February 8

Eleni Stecopoulos

February 22

bookmaking workshop

March 8

Kathleen Stewart