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Carceral Edgelands Special Issue

In March of 2023 the journal Sociology Lens published a special issue focused on the carceral edgelands. Edited by Craig Campbell, this issue features the work of many people associated with the Bureau.

This all began with a year-long season of field research sponsored by the Bureau for Experimental Ethnography in December 2022. We joined with Cassils and Rafa Esparza‘s In Plain Sight project to support their amazing and urgent contribution to the Texas Biennial. So many more people to recognize and thank, at least we can start with editor Yoke-Sum Wong and associate editor Jake Vinje.

Contributors to this special issue include:

  • Craig Campbell
  • Luisa Gandolfo
  • J. Brent Crosson
  • Joseph C. Russo
  • Erica David
  • Daniel Miranda
  • Claire Fitch
  • Lilia Loera
  • Christopher Brown
  • Jerónimo Reyes-Retana
  • Marina Peterson
  • Katie Stewart
  • Sarah Eleazar Sadiq
  • Carlos Tobón Franco
  • Alexandra Villarreal
  • Sofian Merabet
  • María Teresa Canelones
  • Randy Lewis

You can listen to some of the presentations from participants in the Carceral Edgelands project here:

Participants reading their contributions to the first Carceral Edgelands event.