The Land Torn Asunder: Stories from Copper Country

Oct. 13th at 3:30pm
Dustin Edwards, SDSU
Location TBA

Digital archives are also earth archives. Woven throughout our digital devices, platforms, and large-scale infrastructures are the stories of deep conditions where mined materials have been pulled from the depths of earth’s history and extracted through regimes of labor and histories of violence. This talk, drawn from my book project Digital Damage and Rhetorical Invention at the End of Worlds, follows such conditions to the deserts, mountains, and waterways of New Mexico. In particular, after outlining the key terms, assumptions, and methodological priorities of the project, the presentation will offer a bundle of stories about the Chino Copper Mine. Told in a fragmented, interruptive, experimental, and implicative manner, these stories detail the consequences that persist in the wake of the ever-expanding pit. In doing so, these stories not only put pressure on the detached metaphors that populate our digital imaginaries (e.g., “the cloud”), but they also implicate digital rhetoricians by insisting the conditions of our work are grafted into the bigger story of the colonial Anthropocene. 

Carceral Edgelands Opening Event

To inaugurate the Carceral Edgelands season of fieldwork we’ve invited anthropologists, writers, and photographers to help set the tone for the project with a set of short presentations. We’ll hear readings that explore edgelands, affects of exclusion, stories of encounter, and in-between spaces and we’ll see images that account for infrastructural vagaries exceeding and troubling descriptive conventions.

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Join us at 10am CST on December 11th for presentations by:

Cecilia Balli, Chris Brown
Jon Carter, Megan Gette
Randy Lewis, Sofian Merabet
Vasilina Orlova, Marina Peterson
Shannon Speed, Katie Stewart
Raymond Thompson
Yoke Sum Wong.

Acoustic Phenomenology: The Hidden Sounds of Austin

Monday, November 1, noon to 3pm (PAR 102)

Bill Fontana, known for his pioneering work with sound, will conduct a three-hour workshop, in conjunction with his commission for Butler Sound Gallery at the Blanton Museum of Art. Organized by UT’s Bureau for Experimental Ethnography, the workshop will demonstrate to students and researchers the art of listening by recording hidden acoustic phenomena in the natural environment as well as the conductive resonance of structural elements.  

Fontana will teach participants how to detect and record the complex sound patterns in the world around us. Sound will be explored and recorded using hybrid listening technologies, including accelerometers, hydrophones, and microphones. Participants will listen in the field, through a multiple headphone amp to the in-progress recordings, returning to the lab to listen and discuss the recordings and their potential relevance outside of the original context.  

Participants should bring their own headphones.


folded paper, needles, waxed cord – a workshop in simple bookmaking.

Monday, February 22 at 1:30pm.
postponed until Monday, March 1 at 1:30pm

For the third installation of the poetix series we’re holding a booklet making workshop and discussion of chapbooks.

The pamphlet stitch. We’ll be demonstrating a three-hole pamphlet stitch. We have a small number of kits that can be mailed out. Please contact Craig (craig.campbell@utexas.edu if you’d like a kit sent to you). Note that we’ll only be mailing kits within the USA. You can also just assemble the materials yourself (needle, paper, thread… there are lots of tutorials out there, just search for “pamphlet stitch” or check this video out).

Here is a long list of information and resources: