Infrasound workshop with Phil Peters

On Sunday, November 20 at 2 p.m., Phil Peters will discuss his installation The Permian Recordings and lead a workshop on making and editing recordings with a geophone. 

This will be held at Co-Lab Projects, 5419 Glissman Road.

Sponsored by the Bureau for Experimental Ethnography with support from the Digital Writing and Research Lab.


The Permian Recordings 
Phil Peters

The Permian Recordings are a series of durational subterranean field recordings that capture the low-frequency vibrations of the Permian Basin in West Texas. This site-specific installation brings the recordings back to Texas for the very first time. Exploiting Co-Lab’s unique concrete culvert, the piece turns the gallery into an enormous infra-sonic subwoofer, a speaker at the scale of architecture. As in previous installations, the work brings into proximity two scales of time: the geologic and the biologic, expressing them not as irreconcilable measures of change, but as part of a continuum. In this specific installation, I imagine architecture as a bridge between the human and the geologic via the symbolic threshold at which foundation touches earth. Architecture is designed to be experienced in human time as the space we pass through and live within, and yet it endures, as in the ruins of our earliest structures, buried in dirt, a ligature to a distant past that simultaneously projects out into an uncertain future. Within this context, the concrete structure becomes a tuning fork on the surface of the earth, resonating with the frequencies of an industrialized landscape.